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What Does Car Wax Do?

A car is one of the most exciting purchases you are ever going to make in your life. If you have owned many vehicles in your life, chances are you can remember every one and also how much you spent on each.

Year after year, there are so many new cars on the market and they seem to be growing in price. While a car may be a significant financial investment, it is totally worth the price.

Having a great car to get you from Point A to Point B is important, especially to get to work and to also have the freedom to go anywhere you want. We live in a country with so many sights to see, and it is definitely worth it to hop in a car and drive off.

Make your car last

As we mentioned before, a car can definitely be a huge financial investment, and the thing is that it is one that you are going to keep paying for.

Obviously, you will continually have to pay for gas (unless you have an electric car) and you are going to have to pay for insurance every month, not to mention any other accidents or problems that happen, which can be multiple during a car’s lifetime.

However, many of these can be avoided and you can save a lot of money if you drive better and also take the time to take care of your car. So how do you do it?

Just as you would with your own body, your car needs checkups by a doctor, or in this case, a mechanic. You want a professional to look at your car and let you know if there are any problems to catch before they get worse.

You never want to put more into a car than what you originally bought it for. In order to avoid this, get it regularly checked. One of the main things you can do by yourself, however, is take care of the exterior of your car.

The exterior

Other than regularly washing your car, and cleaning the interior with a vacuum, what else can you do to the exterior of your car? One of the best things you can do to prolong the life of a car (and also make it look amazing) is to polish and wax it.

Many people view waxing a car as something that only car collectors do, especially if they have a vintage model, but this is not true. Wax is going to help your car look great and keep in top-notch shape! So what does it do?

What wax does

In recent years, waxes on the market have greatly improved. Wax has the ability to give the paint job on the car the best gloss it needs. This allows it to be shiny and as good as new. But wax actually does a lot more than that. It is the best defense you can give your car against scratches.

Manufactures of wax, starting around 1981, began adding a clear coat layer to many wax products. This clear coat has the ability to protect the car from any abuse that may be caused by the environment.

This can include UV rays from the sun, exhaust from cars and other air pollution, salt during the winter time, and dirt built up from driving on the road. If you do not have wax on your car, the paint is more likely to diminish and there will be discoloring of the paint.

If you do not wax, it leaves your car looking dull and it is definitely more prone to falling apart. The waxing process puts a sacrificial layer on top of a clear coat on the car, so when you are rubbing away and removing dirt, you will never be rubbing the paint off as well.


Waxing is very important to maintain the look of your vehicle. If you want it to look as good as new and not be affected by the environment, we strongly recommend that you get it professionally waxed or just do it yourself. This is going to ensure that your car lasts a long time, and you can feel confident and proud when driving it down the road.

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