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Turtle Wax Review

Quick Overview





  • Affordable
  • Dries quickly
  • Smells good
  • Durable


  • Don’t last as advertised
  • Low-quality sponge
  • Full synthetic

Everybody wants to protect and care for their cars so they can use it for a long time. This Turtle Wax review is our attempt to help you find products that will help protect your vehicle.

Investing and owning a car takes a lot of sacrifices, time, and funds. Keeping it maintained inside and out is important for your ride to last long and perform well.

You must know how to take care of your cars. Having it checked regularly, cleaning the interior and exterior parts, and waxing are just some of the things you should do.

Turtle Wax Review

The Turtle Wax company released its first product in 1944 in the form of a bottled car wax. From that day forward, this company has remained passionate about selling car care products, like car wash, spray wax, fabric care, carpet care, and a lot more.

Today, the company is known to distribute its products to over 90 countries all over the globe, though its main headquarters is still located in its original foundation in Chicago. This place is where they continually develop all the products that most of us use today.

Who Is This Product For?

This car wax paste is one of the favorites by professional car detailers and veteran car enthusiasts. Since the product has been around for a long time, this Turtle Wax review will prove that a lot of people know how it works and what kind of results it can offer.

It is designed to give shine to your car and other surfaces. If you love to care for your car but likes to stay within a budget-friendly amount, then you will be pleased with this car wax. It is so easy to use that even first-time users will not have any problems in coating their cars.

What’s Included?

In purchasing the Turtle Wax Hard Shell Paste Wax, you will also be receiving a foam pad applicator, so it is easier to apply and spread all over your car’s surface.

Overview of the Features

The Super Hard Shell wax from one of the leaders in car wax, the Turtle Wax company, is available in paste form. It is effortless to apply and also easy to remove from your car’s surface, leaving it shiny and protected for a long time. The harmful UV rays from the sun cannot damage your car’s paint when coated with this wax.

  • Long-Lasting

Once you apply this wax, you can expect this to last for at least 12 months.

  • Ease of Use

This hardshell paste wax is very easy to apply on your car and other surfaces. You will not have any issues in wiping it off from your vehicle, as well.

  • Protects

Coating your car with this paste wax ensures protection from the damaging rays of the sun, water, dust, grime, and dirt.

  • Versatile

This Turtle Wax paste wax is not exclusive to cars alone. You can also use this for other things, like stainless steel items and granite or marble surfaces.

How to Use It

As we have mentioned before, this Turtle Wax Hard Shell Paste Wax is straightforward to use. Make sure that the car’s surface is clean and cool to the touch before coating your car. Do not apply the wax while under the heat of the sun.

Using the foam applicator included in the package, dampen it a bit and then dab it on the paste wax. Evenly spread the wax on one part of the car before moving on to the next section.

Leave the wax on for about two minutes to let it dry. Check the dryness of the wax after the given time and then start buffing it with a microfiber towel or a polisher.

Check this video out for a visual presentation on how to properly apply the wax.


If you are not yet sold as to what this product can offer, let’s go and check out other car wax products and see what they can do.

The first product that we want to check is one that was tested and rated number one by a consumer testing magazine. The NU Finish Paste Polish is known for its durability, protection, and affordability, and that it provides shine to your car.

It is available in both liquid and pastes versions and is also applicable for motorcycles, fiberglass boats, and other items in your house. However, the product is not recommended for non-painted rubber and plastic.

Another product worth checking out is Mother’s California Gold Wax Paste. This is designed to clean your car as well as protect it from heat and other harmful factors. It is formulated to provide a long-lasting shine and benefits to your ride. Continued use of the product will result in long-term benefits, such as shine and paint preservation. It can even smoothen out minor paint issues.

The last product that we want to focus on is the Formula 1 Paste Car Wax. This uses leaves from the Carnauba plant to provide the hardest natural wax ever. It is easy to apply and remove from your car, providing the utmost protection that will last a long time. It can even remove and repair minor paint scratches on your vehicle. It gives a high-gloss finish and enhances the actual color of your car.


This Turtle Wax review, along with the other products that we checked, proves that a one-step product can be as effective as a bunch of car waxes that you can find in car shops.

This Turtle car wax is a pioneer when it comes to taking care of our cars, and you don’t need to break the bank to use it since it is offered at an affordable price but performs like an expensive one.

You also cannot question the versatility of this car wax as its usefulness is not exclusive to cars alone. It is handy for other items and surfaces inside your home.

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