how to wax a black car

How to Wax a Black Car: A Newbie’s Guide

Getting that car showroom shine you’ve always dreamed of is now possible without needing to go to a car detailing shop.

That is because there are many ways on how to wax a black car, especially if you have a lot of time.

However, if you have no idea how to do it or are a complete newbie about waxing your black car, you should ask for help from a professional.

Waxing a black car requires a bit of knowledge about car detailing; otherwise, you might end up scratching or damaging your car's paint.

Things to Do Before Waxing Your Car

Waxing a car is not too complicated, but you need to know what to do and what items to use to achieve that mirror-like appearance.

Before you wax your black car, there are two important things that you should do first: clean your car properly and polish it.

If your car is already old, you should polish it first before waxing to make the color look more vibrant.

If you have a brand-new car, you can skip the polishing process and go straight to waxing right after cleaning the car.

How to Properly Clean Your Car

You probably think you already know how to wash your car and don’t need any tips, but if you are not doing it correctly, swirl marks or watermarks will start appearing on the car's surface.

Here are the steps you need to follow when washing or cleaning your car:

1. Clear the Surface From Any Items

Remove all stubborn mud and dirt on the car's surface because these items might scratch the finish, especially once you start applying shampoo.

2. Do an Initial Rinse

Rinse the car from top to bottom by using water or a garden hose to prevent scratches.

You should start with the trunk, hood, and the roof before you work your way down the doors and fenders.

3. Apply Shampoo, Rinse, and Dry

You should never use dish soap on your vehicle and only use a high-quality shampoo explicitly made for cars.

Also, buy high-quality microfiber towels to prevent marks on the paint.

Mix the right amount of shampoo, as per the product instruction, with a bucket of water.

Soak the towel and wring to remove excess solution. Then, wipe the surface of your car from top to bottom.

Rinse from top to bottom, and then dry immediately using a new, clean microfiber towel.

4. Check the Car's Finish

After rinsing and drying, take some time to check the condition of the finish.

Use your dry hand and run it on the hood of your car. If the surface is smooth, you don’t have to apply wax.

If the surface is already rough, you should apply wax immediately.

Always clean your car at least once a week or once in two weeks.

How to Wax a Black Car

Once done cleaning, the next and final step is to wax your black car.

The Benefits of Waxing Your Car

If you are a new car owner and don’t have any idea how to maintain your black car properly, you probably have a lot of questions, like "Is it beneficial to wax your car?".

Here are some of the benefits that you can get by waxing your car:

1. Shiny Paint

If your car is still brand new, that amazing glow is still there. After a while, the shine would start to fade because of the elements outside.

Rain, sunshine, wind, and other elements can affect the car paint's glossiness.

If you want to keep your black car shiny, the best way to do it is to wax your car.

Brand new cars won’t need any waxing at the beginning, but if you noticed that the color is starting to fade, you should consider cleaning and waxing the car to make it shiny.

2. Protection From Outdoor Contaminants

Leaving the paint of your car without any protection like wax or sealant would expose it to a lot of risks and possible damages.

Bugs can damage the paint of your car if it doesn’t have protection.

Acid rain and other corrosive substances can settle into the paint and scrape it. Any major scrapes on your car would be unsightly and expensive repainting will be required for this.

By waxing your car, it would create a layer of protection between the paint and the contaminants, so instead of the paint, they would first damage the wax.

3. Cleaning Your Car Would Be Easy

Do you spend so much time cleaning your car to remove the dirt and dust from the paint?

You have to remember that wax can make your car easier to clean.

The contaminants and other corrosive substances would be stuck on the wax, so instead of scrubbing the paint, you just have to scrub the outer coat, and the dirt and dust would be removed easily.

You won’t have to scrub your car thoroughly just to clean; you just have to go to a car wash, and the contaminants will be removed completely.

how to wax a black car

4. Prevents Paint Chips

When you are driving fast on the highway, the tiny rocks from the ground would shoot up and hit the paint of your car.

Although these tiny rocks won’t be able to create a lot of damage to the car, the paint will be damaged.

These damages are tiny and hardly noticeable, but if you neglect them, they will worsen over time.

By putting wax on your car, you can significantly reduce the friction between the tiny rocks and your car.

It will not completely prevent the damages, but it can prevent small rocks from causing chips to your paint.

5. Covers Scratches and Swirl Marks

One of the best reasons to wax your car is it can cover the swirl marks and scratches.

You have to take note that this will not eradicate the scratches; they will just cover and hide them so no one would notice that your car has scratches.

It can also cover up swirl marks from your car. Although it will not completely cover it, the marks would be less apparent and not be noticeable by the naked eye.

The Process

Before you start, you need to look for the best wax that you can use for your black car.

You can opt for carnauba-based waxes since they offer the glossiest shine and provide good weather protection.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to wax a black car properly.

Step #1: Apply Wax on the Paint

You have to prepare your wax and a clean applicator pad. 

Put a small amount of wax on the pad and start working on the paint.

There are no specific areas where the wax should be applied first, but most people put wax at the top parts before the doors and the bumpers.

That is to make sure you won’t mess up the wax from the other parts when you apply it to the car's top.

You should start waxing the hood, the trunk, and the roof and make sure you evenly coat the whole car.

Instead of putting too much wax, applying multiple thin coats would be a better option.

It would provide the same result, and you can save more wax.

Step #2: Let the Wax Dry

Do not clear out the wax after applying it because unlike soap or shampoo, you don't have to rinse it after application.

Instead, the goal is to let the wax dry for a few minutes before you remove the excess.

To figure out if the wax is already dry, do a swipe test. Use your index finger and swipe it on the waxed surface to check for smearing.

If the wax smears, you should leave it for a few more minutes to dry to get the best results.

Step #3: Remove the Wax From Your Car

When the wax is already dry, the next step is to remove the wax from the car.

Get a separate microfiber towel to remove the wax from your car’s paint.

Again, you should start from the top and then work your way down to the bumpers to prevent scratches on the car's visible parts.

After you remove the wax, you should get another clean microfiber towel to buff the paint of the car.

How Often Should You Wax a Black Car?

The frequency of waxing your black car would depend on the quality of the wax you used.

If you used cheap wax, it might only last for a week or two before the wax goes off.

On the other hand, a high-quality wax can last you for several weeks.

If you want a high-quality wax, they usually come in paste form and can last for months.

The season will also be a good way to determine how often you would wax your black car.

During the dry season, you can wax your car at least once every 45 to 60 days, while during the rainy or wet seasons, you should wax your car at least once a month.

You can also check the instructions from the wax that you bought.

They usually give you a heads up on how long their wax would last once applied.

Why Do Black Cars Scratch so Easily?

It doesn’t matter what color your car is because all cars can be scratched easily.

However, the scratches on black cars are more noticeable because of the white clearcoat present when scratched.

Even the tiniest scratches can be seen easily on a black car.

Final Words

Waxing your black car is a must and important since it provides additional protection to the paint.

If you mastered the proper way of applying car wax, you'll surely get the best results.

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