does car wax go bad

Does Car Wax Go Bad: A Guide To Ensure You Only Use Quality Wax

Does car wax go bad? is probably the first question that lingers in your mind when you purchase a tub of wax or when you had one in your garage for many years.

Thus, let's explore this topic a bit further to help you find the right answer.

Besides car wax expiry, we’ll also talk about proper storage and handling of wax or sealant, so it stays in good condition for longer.

What Is a Car Wax?

Car wax is an essential product that every car owner should have.

Also called automotive wax, car wax is a natural or synthetic coating designed to protect and enhance paint depth and shine.

It is made of different substances, including natural oils, carnauba wax, beeswax, and petroleum distillates.

Does Car Wax Go Bad?

The quick answer is no, car wax doesn't expire.

After all, if you check a tub of car wax, you will notice that it doesn't have any expiry date.

Even so, it's still important to know when you actually first bought your car wax so you'd have an idea whether it's still good for application.

The reason is that even though technically, car wax doesn't go bad, its properties will change over time.

Therefore, it may not be as effective anymore in keeping your car paint shiny and protected.

In other words, car wax deteriorates over time as with any other product.

It loses its protective properties, especially if it has not been stored properly or is exposed to certain conditions.

As a rule of thumb, you want to purchase a new car wax if the one you have has been around for two years.

Note that this general rule applies only if it has been stored properly and everything else is in its best condition.

Yes, you read that right; some things affect the properties of car wax.

This fact leads us to the next section of our discussion, which is how to store car wax properly.

When Do You Know That Your Car Wax Has Gone Bad?

Generally, old wax tends to separate. If you notice an oily layer on top of the tub and a harder paste underneath, it means the wax quality has been compromised.

While you can still re-mix and apply it to your car, the wax will lose some of its durability.

Also, note that some other things like dirt, rain, and washing will further affect the quality of the wax, causing it to degrade more quickly.

Can You Use Old Wax?

Generally speaking, you can still use the wax as long as it hasn't separated or it reconstitutes properly when you shake it.

Do note, though, that the results may not be as good.

If you use frozen or very cold wax, it will be challenging to apply and spread.

It will also often leave streaks on the surface that are difficult to remove.

What’s the Best Way To Store Car Wax?

Many car wax products come in large quantities that you may be able to get hundreds of applications before a can runs out.

That's why every car owner is confronted with the issue of whether or not they can use an old wax.

Luckily, you can keep a car wax fresh for as long as possible if you store it properly.

Below are some tips from experts to keep in mind.

does car wax go bad if unused

Do Not Store a Car Wax Outside or in a Garage or Shed

Fluctuations in temperature will cause the wax to deteriorate faster than usual.

Ideally, you want to keep your can of wax in a dry, shaded area between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, make sure you never let the wax melt, or it will lose its properties.

Keep in a Tightly Sealed Container

You can put the wax in a closet or cabinet in your home that doesn't get too stuffy.

It's also advisable to wax your car as often as possible or every three months.

This way, you can maximize every tub of wax you purchase.

Plus, waxing your car is also a great way to protect your car paint from UV rays, salt, harsh weather, and other elements that could damage it.

If you live in a coastal area or where it snows a lot often, the more you want to apply wax or sealant to your car exterior.

Prevent Exposure to High Humidity and Contaminants

Another essential tip to keep car wax fresh for longer is to use clean application pads each time.

Contaminants like dirt and debris can cause car wax to degrade easily, making it less effective.

Worse, it can even damage your vehicle.

Thus, if you accidentally drop the applicator on the ground, you want to discard it right away.

Otherwise, it can transfer grit and dirt to your can of wax.

Do Not Refrigerate

Once you open the wax, it's not advisable to throw the remaining wax in a dirty corner in your garage because the heat can damage it.

Some detailers recommend storing car waxes in the fridge to make them last longer.

However, some people think this isn't a good option because it means you have to warm the wax back to room temperature when you need to use it again.

Another problem when storing wax in the fridge, particularly the freezer, is that the chemical properties can potentially change.

This change reduces the protective abilities and durability of the wax.

If you choose to store your can of wax in the fridge, make sure it’s properly sealed.

Only Use Good Quality Wax 

Now you know the answer to the question: Does car wax go bad?

To sum up, yes, it can go bad, especially if you don’t store it properly.

Even though car waxes don’t have expiry dates, they need to be stored in good conditions to preserve their quality.

Storing wax in a cool, dry place is usually the best option.

Aside from the tips we mentioned above, it’s also important that you choose only a good-quality car wax that doesn’t deteriorate quickly.

Alternatively, you can opt for a spray wax that eliminates the need to use an applicator pad that can contaminate the container.

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