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Car Wax Comparison

Even if some consider waxing their cars, others see it as a superfluous part of car maintenance. However, a car that is regularly waxed looks better than a car that is not because car wax acts as a protectant and a sealant for the car.

Hence, waxing your car protects it from rain spots, tree sap, bird droppings, dust, road tar, dead insets among other foreign materials. Ideally, car wax is responsible for preserving the glossy surface of your car by preventing early corrosion.

Normally, there are mainly two types of car waxes (natural and synthetic) available in different forms. A comparison of car waxes will help you understand the different types of car wax available, their forms, pros and cons too.

Types of car wax

Natural car wax

These are regarded as the best choice and hence, they are costly. They are derived partly or entirely from plants, with carnauba car wax being the most common variety.

Carnauba is derived from Copernica cerifa plant found in Brazil. This wax then can be available to consumers in its pure form, or mixed with petroleum products or oils to have different varieties.

Even though different products are made when carnauba is mixed with oil or petroleum, all these carnauba-based products are classified as natural car waxes because they contain carnauba. However, it is pure carnauba car wax which is the most expensive.

Although natural waxes effectively protect your car’s paintwork, you need to reapply the wax regularly since it lasts only a few months at the most.

Synthetic car waxes

These are commonly known as paint sealants. Synthetic waxes are man-made chemicals that perform the same functions as car waxes, although they have different properties.

Due to the materials they are made from, synthetic car wax is affordable to most people and as a result, it is very common and widely used.

The wax is usually sold in spray or liquid form with the liquid form being more popular. Here are some advantages of a synthetic wax:

  • It is easy to apply
  • Lasts longer than natural car waxes (usually 12 months or even more depending on the weather conditions in your area and the brand you are using)
  • Buffs out easily when compared to natural wax
  • They are cheap and readily available

However, even if a synthetic wax offers good paint protection, it cannot replicate the glow offered by a natural car wax.

Different forms of wax

The following are different forms in which carnauba and paint sealantsare available to consumers.

Paste wax

Although paste wax provides a better paint protection and a deeper gloss to your car, it is harder to apply due to its paste form.

Also, you will require proper application tools and probably keep the engine running for a while to warm the application surface for ease application. Additionally, paste wax is not durable and you may need to reapply it more often to keep your car shiny.

Liquid wax

This is not only the most common, but also the most preferred car wax due to its ease in application by hand or with a machine. Nevertheless, it is hard to apply liquid wax evenly because it dries quickly, deepening on factors like temperature, wind and sunlight.

Spray wax

Spray waxes are ideal for a quick wax job on your car. If your car wax layer is wearing off and you need an extra boost to provide the same glow, spray wax is the most convenient form to use since you can spray certain portions of your vehicle which needs wax. However, since the spray wax form tends to wear off fast, they are not an ideal replacement for liquid or paste forms.

Colored wax

This form of car wax is usually pigmented to match different car paint colors. You can choose a colored wax by considering the color of your vehicle to fit in paint defects that your car may have e.g. swirls or scratches.


To have a good waxing, you need to prepare the surface of your car well and then use an effective wax.

If you are planning to wax your car, make sure you clean and dry your car thoroughly while it is parked in a shaded area to get the best results. Alternatively, you can hire professional services if you don’t have the skills or experience in car waxing.

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