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3M Restorer Marine and Wax Review

Quick Overview





  • Works with fiberglass and gel coat
  • Restores and protects
  • Works on boats and RVs too
  • Can remove rust


  • May not work as advertised
  • Expensive per bottle

When you are looking to restore your furniture, boat, RV, or give your glass items a nice polish,you can use the 3M Marine Restorer and Wax. This product can have things looking new again in no time. This restorer and wax is even able bring the natural shine back to glass.


  • Great for restoring glass
  • The application is a 1-step process
  • This glass restorer can reverse damage done by the UV rays of the run
  • Provides a protective finish when it is used
  • Easy-to-use liquid formula that is a combination of special waxes
  • This restorer is able to remove even heavy oxidation
  • It will provide a polished finish that will restore shine


The 3 M Marine Restorer and Wax will also protect items that are made of fiberglass and gel coat. All it takes is one application and your items will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. It will also make the item shine once again.

This product has a unique formula with a rubbing compound component that is mixed with a wax so it can restore and protect at the same time. This product is not only recommended for home use, it can be used on boats and RVs as well.

After using 3M Restorer and Wax on a boat, it will give the boat a look great when it is sitting in the water, giving it a great shine. This formula will also add a covering to a boat to protect it from future damage with just one application.

This will save a lot of time and will give the same results as professional application services. There are additional applications that this 3M formula can be used for, such as removing residue on a boat after it has been in the water.

It can also be used to remove rust and will make the objects original color even more vibrant. It will help protect the boat from the daily wear of the sunlight and weather conditions.

The boat will look great when you are ready to set sail. This wax can be used on a number of other items as well. It can be used on RVs as well as personal watercrafts. If the items are made from fiberglass and they have a painted surface, this formula will help protect them.

This product from 3M will allow items to look great and shiny even when they face daily abuse from the sun and the weather.


Not all customers reported that this product has worked well for them. There have been some customers who said that it did not remove oxidation or polish their items; it did nothing but leave a coat of wax behind.

Others have reported that they used it on items that are made from fiberglass, such as a tractor, and that it did not work as advertised. Some say that this product is on the expensive side. If more than one bottle is needed, the price can quickly add up.

There is a limited number of items on which this product can be used. It more than likely cannot be used to shine items such as tubs, including older tubs that you might be looking to restore. When using on items such as an RV, more than one bottle is going to be needed.

Final verdict

Overall, the 3M Restorer and Wax will help protect items from the damaging rays of the sun and will bring an item’s finish back to its original glory. From customers, this product is easy to use and only one application is needed to see the difference.

The 3M Marine Restorer and Wax can help bring glass and fiberglass back to its original beauty, and make sure that it is protected from the rays of the sun and the elements.

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